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Each guild took responsibility for the maintenance in time of peace and defense during attacks of a tower named after their craftsmanship, for example, the Blacksmiths’ Tower or the Goldsmiths’ Tower. The local importance of the guild was also reflected in the dimensions and endowment of their towers. Even the members of the local council were in charge of defending the city from their own tower, the Clock Tower, that guarded one of the main access routes to the Upper Town.

Shuttle Transfer 

Shuttle Transfer to Sighisoara with minibus 7-20 seats available. We departure from Otopeni Airport or anywere in Bucharest. 

Private Car to Sighisoara

Transfer with a private car is convenient for those traveling in groups of 3-4. 

Private Minivan to Sighisoara

Transfer to Sighisoara with a minivan is convenient for those traveling in groups of maximum 8 people. 

From Bucharest twith private Shuttle. Credit card payment accepted. Book now or in advance. Fix price for your private transfer.

Private Minibus to Sighisoara

This travel option is best for those traveling in groups of up to 20 people. 

Rent a car to Sighisoara

Renting a car for a transfer to Sighisoara is always a good option.

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